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Release news for hosted customers

The Release News is published every month for hosted customers.

June 2024

Contrast for hosted customers was released on June 14, 2024.

New and improved

  • Protect for PHP. The PHP agent now supports Protect rules and features including Command Injection, SQL Injection, Path Traversal, Reflected XSS, Bot Blocking, IP Blocking, and Sensitive Data Masking. (PROD-1636)

  • Vulnerability tab enhancements. Added a column on the vulnerabilities tab under Scan projects that displays the specific language the vulnerability belongs to. You can also filter the results by language for the column. (PROD-2796, PROD-2798)

  • CSV report enhancements. CSV report can now be generated to include only specific criteria based on filter selections. (PROD-2933)

  • Authentication. It is strongly recommended to enable multi-factor authentication if single sign-on is not enabled for the organization. (PROD-1881)

  • Maven wrapper. Added CLI support for Maven wrapper. (PROD-3021)

  • Improved endpoint performance. Improved the performance of the /Contrast/api/ng/?/libraries/filter endpoint. (SCA-1671)

May 2024

Contrast for hosted customers was released on May 14, 2024.

New and improved

  • Compatibility Check. Contrast is now able to check if routing frameworks are supported after agent instrumentation. The Contrast dashboard will display details about which frameworks it finds during route discovery. Currently, the latest versions of the Java and .NET agents support this feature. (PROD-2447)

  • Java Agent. Added gRPC support for Java. (PROD-2546)

  • Java Agent. Added support for Glassfish/Payara 5 and 6 for Java. (PROD-2792)

  • .NET Agent. Added gRPC support for DOTNET.  (PROD-2289)