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Create a scan project

Scan projects are containers for artifacts that you want to scan.

Creating a scan project starts the first scan for an uploaded file.

Before you begin
  • Identify the artifact that you want to upload for scanning.

    Scan supports different files types for each programming language. For example, for Java,upload a JAR or WAR file.

  1. In the Contrast web interface, select Add New in the top right corner.

    Image shows the Add new button

    This option is available when Contrast Scan is enabled. I this opiton is not enabled, contact Support.

  2. In Local File, select Add scan project. Then, select Next.

  3. Specify a name for the project.

    Scan project names must be unique. Specify a name that lets you easily identify the scan project in other Contrast lists.

    As a best practice, consider naming the project to match the name of the artifact. For example, if your artifact is webgoat.jar, name your project webgoat or webgoat.jar.

  4. Select the language for the files that the project will contain.

    Image shows where to specify a project name and select a language for the files in the project
  5. Select Create project.