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User access groups Hosted customers only

User access groups let you specify specific roles and resource groups for one or more users. Roles and resource groups define the permissions for users.

You can add users to built-in user access groups or create custom groups.


This feature is supported for hosted customers only and is in preview mode. For access to this feature, contact Contrast support.

On-premises customers manage access to Contrast by setting up organization users and access groups .

User access groups tab

The User access groups tabs displays the list of existing groups. From this tab, you can:

Image shows the User access group screen with the add group button, edit, and delete buttons highlighted.

Built-in user access groups

You can add users to these built-in user access groups:

This built-in group:

Includes these built-in roles:

Organization viewers

Organization viewer

Organization editors

Organization editor

Organization rules administrators

Organization rules administrator

Organization administrators

Application administrator

Project administrator

Organization administrator

Protect viewer

Serverless user

AppSecurity administrators

App Security administrator

DevOps administrators

DevOps administrator


Organization viewer

Protect viewer

Serverless user

Scan uploader

Application viewer

Project viewer

Scan manager

Project viewer

Protect viewers

Protect viewer

Serverless users

Serverless user


Other than adding or removing users, you cannot change the settings for the built-in user access groups.

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