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Agent Operator (Kubernetes operator)

The Contrast Agent Operator is a standard Kubernetes operator that executes within Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters to automate injecting Contrast agents into existing workloads, configuring injected agents, and facilitating agent upgrades.


github.png The Contrast Agent Operator is an open-source project. You can review the code and contribute to its development here.

Security policies

The Contrast Agent Operator supports clusters with various security policies. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with them before installation. See here for the latest policies.

Custom registries

If you want to use Agent Operator in an air-gapped environment (or you cannot use DockerHub), use the icon-external-link.svg Contrast custom registry examples to guide you.

Next steps

To get started, install and configure the agent operator.

Familiarize yourself with the Agent Operator supported technologies and Agent Operator networking requirements.

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