View libraries

Find information about your libraries in the Libraries page, a library's details page, or the Libraries tabs in an application or server's details page.

Library features

The libraries grid provides information about each library, such as:

  • Scores shown with a letter grade

  • Applications using the library

  • CVEs found in the library

  • Current and latest versions

  • Open source license information

  • Used classes (Java and .NET only)

CVE details and usage information help prioritize which libraries to remediate, and show where you are most at risk. License information provides visibility into potential operational risk from licenses in use.

To view a list of CVEs directly in the grid, hover over the thermometer in the Vulnerabilities column. If vulnerabilities exist, they display in a list and color-coded by severity.

Click on a library in the grid to go to its details page, which provides lists of the applications and servers in which the library appears as well as any vulnerabilities that Contrast has found within the library.

Library statistics

Click the link above any libraries grid to Show Library Stats to analyze library data for your organization. Each graphic displays the statistical average as well as breakdowns for each category, including library grades and the number of years by which they're out of date.

More information

To learn more about using library features, see Manage libraries. For more information on Contrast's grading system, see the Library scoring guide.