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Two-way integration

You can use a two-way integration with Azure Boards. This will automatically update the status of a vulnerability in Contrast when you close or reopen an issue in Azure Boards or TFS that links to the vulnerability .


  1. In the Azure Boards integration panel, select Enable two-way integration. This displays Vulnerability Status fields.

  2. Select the dropdowns to set a vulnerability status for each Azure Boards or TFS ticket state.

  3. Save the two-way integration. Contrast will populate the vulnerability status in Azure Boards or TFS tickets.

  4. When you update the state of a ticket in Azure Boards or TFS, Contrast will automatically generate comments in the Discussion tab for that vulnerability. Each comment includes the name of the bugtracker and a link to the ticket.


If you select the vulnerability status Not a problem as a ticket state in Azure Boards or TFS, Contrast also requires you to select a Reason. The default value is Other.


For multiple vulnerabilities sent to Azure Boards or TFS as a single issue, the ticket state applies to all vulnerabilities associated with that ticket. Conversely, when you link multiple tickets to a single vulnerability, you must update all associated tickets before you can update the vulnerability. For example, if you change a ticket state from New to Active, Contrast updates the vulnerability status only if all tickets related to that vulnerability also have an Active state.

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