Contrast integrates with a number of different tools to bring visibility of its analysis into your day to day work. These include:

  • Bugtrackers : With defect tracking, you can prioritize remediation of security issues with a low false positive rate and contextual validation to detect fixes as the code changes, knowing when to close the issue.

  • Security Incident Event Management: Contrast Protect administrators can share security information directly into SIEM systems, decreasing the noise of alerts by adding context of if and how the application is at risk from an attack.

    • Splunk: Contrast agents communicate directly to Splunk in CEF Format over syslog. An additional Contrast Splunk dashboard is available to help show Contrast information within the Splunk interface.

    • Other: Contrast agents can share data with any SIEM by exporting attack and vulnerability data in CEF format over syslog.

  • Notifications and Chat: Integrate with these tools so Contrast can alert you to updates or attacks.

To authorize and connect tools with Contrast to streamline your workflows, go to Organization Settings > Integrations in the user menu.


  • If on-premises customers set up a proxy in Contrast, Contrast will filter all integration traffic through that proxy.

  • Organization notification settings affect which messages you receive from your existing integrations.

  • Contrast also offers plugins and extensions that can be used with your build pipeline or IDE.