View vulnerabilities

The Vulnerabilities page in Contrast allows you to browse, search and filter through all vulnerabilities in your organization. Click on each vulnerability for more details, including guidelines for determining how to resolve them to prevent an attack. You can also go to the Vulnerabilities tab from the application's details page to see a list of all vulnerabilities found in that application.


For Contrast to find weaknesses and present findings, you must exercise your application.

The grid of discovered vulnerabilities provides basic information on each one, including the severity, type and status.

Learn more about vulnerability statuses and workflows in Contrast or how to find and manage vulnerabilities.

Click on a vulnerability in the grid to see all the details reported. Each tab in the page provides different sets of information for different tasks you may want to perform.

In the Overview tab for each vulnerability, see where Contrast found the vulnerability. In the next tab, learn How to Fix the vulnerability with examples of the techniques discussed. In the Notes tab, Contrast provides further details about the identity, timing and location of the vulnerability, such as:

  • Build numbers

  • Reporting servers

  • Category

  • Security standards