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Integrate with Splunk on-call (formerly VictorOps)

Set up an integration with VictorOps incident management to receive attack notifications from Contrast.

To connect VictorOps:

  1. In the user menu, go to Organization settings > Integrations.

  2. Select Connect in the VictorOps row.

  3. Enter a Name for the integration. This is displayed in notifications from Contrast.

  4. Use the dropdown to choose the Message type of the alert. The default selection is "Critical." For more information about message types, see the VictorOps documentation on incident fields.

  5. Enter the URL for the connection. You can generate the URL in VictorOps through a REST API endpoint. To get a URL or more information, see the VictorOps documentation on REST endpoint.

  6. Select Test connection. This process may take a few minutes, depending on the number of your VictorOps projects. The test verifies that Contrast can reach the VictorOps instance and that the specified user can log in.

  7. Once a connection is made, click in the multiselect field to choose the Applications for which you want to send notifications. The default selection is "All Applications."


Contrast will disconnect this integration if it fails to return a successful response after 5 attempts.