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Install Node.js agent with VMware Tanzu

You can access a variety of VMware Tanzu (formerly Pivotal Cloud Foundry) integrations for your applications using the default Node.js buildpack.

To use the buildpack on its own as a low-level integration, you can create a user-provided service and bind it to your application. With the service broker, you can define multiple service plans and generate service instances you can bind to your applications.

Use the Contrast service broker tile to automate the BOSH deployment and configuration of the Contrast service broker.


The Contrast VMware Tanzu integration does not download the Node.js agent and modify your application startup. You must still download and install the Node.js agent manually.

You can configure the agent through the Contrast service broker tile provided with the integration or you can use automatic configuration through user-provided services.


To install the Node.js agent in a VMware Tanzu environment, your application must use one of these buildpacks:

If you are using a buildpack that does not include Contrast Security framework support, you can add it. To do this, you must make changes to your forked buildpack. If you are using the offline version of the buildpack, you cannot override the version of the agent currently in use by an application. The buildpack bundles the dependencies.

The Contrast Security agent framework downloads the latest Contrast agent and creates a configuration file. The buildpack's detect script prints tags to standard output.


The detect script confirms the existence of a single, bound Contrast service. A Contrast service exists if the VCAP_SERVICES payload contains a service name, label, or tag with contrast-security as a substring.

To bind Contrast with a user-provided service, you must have a name or tag with contrast-security in it. The credential payload must also contain the standard YAML properties.

This example creates a user-provided service and binds it to an application:

cf create-user-provided-service contrast-security-service -p "teamserver_url, username, api_key, service_key"
cf bind-service spring-music contrast-security-service
cf restage spring-music


The teamserver_url should be only protocol and hostname. Do not include /Contrast/ or /Contrast/api.

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