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Contrast Visual Studio for Mac plugin

Use the Visual Studio for Mac plugin to see vulnerability information for instrumented applications from the Visual Studio for Mac IDE.

The plugin directs you to the line of code and you can view more details in the Contrast Security pad. This way, developers can get application security feedback at the time of development for faster remediation.

The plugin supports Visual Studio for Mac versions 8.3.0 and later.

To install, configure and use the Visual Studio for Mac plugin:

  1. From the Contrast distribution repository, download the Visual Studio for Mac plugin file (.mpack).

  2. In Visual Studio for Mac, go to Visual Studio > Extensions.

  3. Click Install from file... and select the downloaded .mpack file. Allow the plugin to install, and restart Visual Studio for Mac.

  4. Select View > Pads > Contrast. Then select Configure and add your Contrast URLUsernameService keyAPI key and Organization ID in the given fields. You can find these in your profile.

  5. Select Test connection to test your connection with Contrast. If the connection is successful, select Save.

  6. Once the plugin is installed, you can return to View > Pads > Contrast, select the magnifying glass icon and then select an application. This will load vulnerabilities that Contrast has found for the application. Select Refresh if you don't see the vulnerabilities list. Under each section, vulnerabilities display in order by severity, then by status.

    You can select a vulnerability to see general or more detailed information. The General Information section includes severity, application, status, and history. The Details section includes information pulled from Contrast, such as details, notes, and activity for that vulnerability.

    To clear all selected filters, select the broom icon. You can also view Server and Application lists in this way.