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Integrate with Agile Central

Integrate Agile Central with Contrast to automatically track vulnerabilities in your applications.

Before you start, be sure you have:

  • An Agile Central account URL.

  • Permission to create issues in the target project.

  • A running Agile Central instance accessible via HTTP to Contrast.

  • A project to associate the application instrumented by Contrast.

To connect with Agile Central:

  1. Go to Organization settings > Integrations in the user menu.

  2. Select Connect in the Agile Central row.

  3. In the Connect with Agile Central form, add the name for the bugtracker entry, as well as the URL and API Key in the given fields. The Agile Central URL must be accessible from Contrast instance being configured.


    To find your Agile Central API key, log in to the Agile Central Application manager, and select API Keys. Contrast saves the username, password and Agile Central URL entered in your configuration as a set of credentials.

  4. Once you complete the fields, select Test connection. The test verifies that Contrast can reach the Agile Central instance and that the specified user can log in.

  5. Once connected, select the Applications that you want to be available to this integration.

  6. Choose a Project name and Owner from the dropdowns.

  7. In the Default priority section, use the dropdowns to choose a priority level for each vulnerability severity.

  8. Choose the Environment for which you want to generate tickets.

  9. Choose a Defect state.

  10. Add a name that the tickets are Submitted by.


    While none of these configuration fields are required, Agile Central may populate tickets with their own default values for any fields you leave blank.

  11. To add another integration once you're connected in Contrast, select Add Configuration in the Agile Central row.

  12. To automatically create tickets for newly discovered vulnerabilities, check the designated box in the configuration form. In the multiselect field that appears, choose the Rules and Severity levels of the vulnerabilities for which you want to generate tickets.


    This selection doesn't generate tickets retroactively.

Manage Agile Central credentials

Contrast saves the latest set of credentials that you enter in your Agile Central configurations to help you set up new connections faster. The API key and URL values that you enter in your first configuration become the default credentials for your following configurations.

In subsequent configurations, Contrast will pre-populate the fields with the default credentials, but allow you to modify the values as needed. You can also manage your saved sets of credentials to simultaneously update all of the affected configurations.

To create or edit a configuration with credentials that are different than your default set:

  1. Select the Manage credentials link.

  2. In the URL field, use the dropdown to choose a set of saved credentials; or, manually update the values in the URLUsername and Password fields.

  3. Once you've updated the fields, select Test Connection.

  4. Select Save. If you're using new credentials, you must choose to override the existing set of credentials under the given name, or save the new values as a new credential set under a different name.

  5. To modify an existing set of saved credentials, select Rename if needed. Then select Test Connection and Save.


    Any updates to a set of credentials will affect all configurations using that set.