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Allocate licenses at a system level

Contrast has these types of licenses:

  • On-premises customers require a license to install and upgrade Contrast.

  • Hosted and on-premises customers require specific licenses for Assess (application licenses), Protect (server licenses), and SCA (library licenses).

Before you begin

  • For on-premises customers, a SuperAdmin, ServerAdmin or System Administrator role is required to allocate Assess and Protect licenses to a particular organization.

    Contrast Security handles this activity for hosted customers.

  • Licenses applied to applications permanently count towards the number of maximum allowable applications. Deleting a licensed application has no effect on the number of licenses you are allowed to apply to applications.

Steps to allocate licenses

  1. Select SuperAdmin in the user menu.

  2. To view a list of organizations, select Organizations in the header,

    You see a list of organizations. The Licenses column shows the total number of Assess and Protect licenses available for each organization, followed by the number of unused licenses in parentheses.

    If licenses are nearing expiration, you see a red warning icon. Hover over the icon to see the number of licenses expiring. Select the link to see which application or servers licenses that are in danger of expiration.

  3. To see an overview of the number of Assess and Protect licenses available for each organization, hover over the triangle at the end of a row and select License summary.

  4. To allocate more licenses, select Allocate more licenses there, or from the previous triangle menu, select Allocate licenses.

  5. In the displayed window, enter the number of Protect and Assess licenses you'd like to make available to this organization, along with an expiration date for each.

    The total number available is shown along with the predetermined expiration dates for the licenses.

  6. To view the number of available licences as well as the number of applications or server that are unlicensed, from the user menu, select system settings and then, select, Licensing.

  7. To view the list of application and server licenses that are nearing expiration,

    You also have the option to automatically apply licenses to new applications or server. Turn the toggle on (green) and you can select whether this applies to all servers and applications or only new ones.

    SuperAdmins, ServerAdmins and System Administrators also have the option to automatically apply licenses when adding an organization.

  8. In the top right, you can select the box to allow Organization Administrators to override these settings (this defaults to enabled).