Add or edit a user at a system level

System and Organization Administrators can create users individually, in groups, or through Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP integrations. All users are required to have a default organization and a default role within that organization.

To add a user:

  1. Log in as a SuperAdmin or System Administrator.

  2. Select SuperAdmin in the user menu.

  3. Select Users in the header.

  4. Select a user name to edit an existing user or select Add user to add a new user.

  5. Enter the user's First nameLast name and Email address in the provided fields.

  6. Check the box if you want to Require email activation instead of requiring a password.

  7. Choose which of the System roles should apply to the user in the drop-down menu. The default is None.

  8. Choose the Organization to which the user belongs.

  9. Choose the default Organization role in the drop-down menu as well as an Application access group.

  10. Choose the Date format, Time format and Time zone.

  11. Select Use organization settings to let Organization Administrators change user settings at an organization level.

    This box is selected by default.

    To create user settings at a system level, clear the box.

  12. If you are creating settings at a system level, you can select the box to make the user an API only user, use the Access toggle to let the user to see and use Assess data, or use the Protect toggle to let the user see and use Protect data. The toggle for Protect access is turned off by default.


    You can also grant Protect permissions at an organization level.

  13. Select Add or Save to save settings for this user.