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Designate SuperAdmins or ServerAdmins

The SuperAdmin has the highest level system administration permissions.

A ServerAdmin has the same permissions and capabilities as a SuperAdmin, except without access to users and groups.

You must have at least one person as SuperAdmin. If you want to designate more than one user as SuperAdmin, do not share a log in, instead:

  1. Log in as SuperAdmin.

  2. Select User menu > SuperAdmin > Users.

  3. Find the user you want to designate as SuperAdmin. (You can search by name, email or organization, or find their name in the grid.)

  4. Select the user name to open the Edit user window.

  5. In the System Administration field, select SuperAdmin or ServerAdmin.

  6. Select Save.


Anyone designated as a SuperAdmin or ServerAdmin will be able to access SuperAdmin in the top right User menu. Also a small key icon will appear next to their name in the SuperAdmin > Users grid. Hover over the key to see the assigned role.