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Grant Protect permissions (on-premises)

For on-premises customers with multiple organizations, you can grant permissions that let all or some user roles in one or more organizations access Protect data.

Before you begin
  • A SuperAdmin role is required.

  • Identify the organizations whose users need access to Protect data.

  • Identify which user roles in an organization need access to Protect data.

  1. Log in as SuperAdmin.

  2. Select SuperAdmin in the user menu.

  3. Select Organizations in the header.

  4. Find the organization for which you want to enable Protect. In the Protect column for that row, turn the setting on.

    This image shows how to enable Protect data for an organization
  5. In the Who needs Protect window, select the roles that need permission to see and access Protect data.

    This image shows how to select roles that can view Protect data

    Select All users or specific user roles.

    You can also enable or disable Protect access for individual users.

  6. Select Protect.

    When you make this change, the users with the selected roles have access to Protect data.