Configure server settings

Server settings allow you to configure how your servers function in each environment (development, test and production).

You can modify these configurations in the servers grid, or select Server settings in the dropdown to work in the window.

To modify server settings:

  1. Select Servers in the header.

  2. Find the server you want to modify. You can either select the filter icon at the top of the Server column, or use the magnifying glass to search.

  3. Either use the settings icon in the server row, or select the name of the server, and then select the settings icon in the top right.

  4. In the displayed window, you can:

    • Modify the server name.

    • Designate the environment in which the server will be running.

    • Override the existing server log file path by entering the preferred path under Server log file.


      Server log files are restricted to file types of .LOG or .TXT only.

    • Set the log level for the server.

    • Set bot blocking.

      Bot blocking blocks traffic from scrapers, attack tools and other unwanted automation.

      To view blocked bot activity, under Attacks > Attack Events, use the filter option.

      Supported languages: Java, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Ruby, and Python


      You can configure bot blocking in the YAML files for Java, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Ruby, and Python.

    • Enable sampling for higher performance.

      Check the box to Enable sampling for higher performance. With sampling, Contrast selectively analyzes requests in order to avoid repeat analysis. Configure the following settings:

      • Baseline: The number of times that Contrast analyzes URLs to complete sampling. The default setting is 5.

      • Frequency: The number of times that Contrast analyzes URLs after the baseline is achieved. The default setting is 10.

      • Window: The number of seconds that Contrast retains samples before reverting to the baseline. The default setting is 180.

      For example:

      contrast.assess.sampling.request_frequency	25
      contrast.assess.sampling.window_ms	360_000
      contrast.assess.sampling.baseline	1
    • Enable output of Protect events to syslog. Contrast offers syslog message categories according to the syslog RFC 3164 specification for severity.