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Log levels

The log level setting controls which events are processed by server logging, and can help you more effectively capture events. They can be configured at a system level or for a particular server by any user with Editor permissions.

Log levels follow the Log4j standard and honor their level designations as much as possible.

INFO is the default value. ERROR level is sufficient in most cases, unless a problem occurs and you need to collect more detailed metrics.

Log level



Gives information about a serious error that needs to be addressed and may result in an unstable state.


Gives a warning about an unexpected event to the user. The messages coming out of this level may not halt the progress of the system.


Gives the progress and chosen state information. This level is useful for the end user.


Helps the developer debug the application. Level of the message logged is focused on providing support to an application developer.


Gives more detailed information than the DEBUG level.