Enable Protect

To enable Protect:

  1. Log in to Contrast (with, at minimum, permissions as an Organization or Application RulesAdmin).

  2. Select Servers in the header.

  3. Either scroll or select the search icon at the top of the page to find the server(s) for which you want to enable Protect.

    Turn the toggle on (green) to enable Protect. There are three ways to do this:

    • Select the toggle in the Protect column of the list of servers.

    • Select the server name to view information about that Server, and use the toggle there.

    • Under organization settings, select Server and use the Protect toggle there.

  4. Enabling Protect requires a Protect (server) license, so you'll be prompted to apply a license if your server isn't already licensed. If enabled at a system and organization level, enabling Protect will automatically use an available license.

  5. Restart the Contrast application for Protect to take effect. Once that's complete, Contrast begins monitoring and blocking attacks.


Organization Administrators or RulesAdmins can automatically apply licenses for all new servers by selecting Organization Settings > Servers, in the user menu, and turning the Protect toggle on (green). This default can be enabled for specific server environments.


For on-premises customers, SuperAdmin, ServerAdmin or System Administrator can enable Protect for an entire organization. They can also select roles within that organization who will have access to Protect data.