Enable Assess

To enable Assess:

  1. Log in to Contrast as an Organization or Application Administrator.

  2. Select Servers in the header.

  3. Either scroll or use the search at the top of the page to find the server(s) you want to analyze.

    Turn the Assess toggle on (green). There are three ways to do this:

    • Select the toggle in the Assess column of the list of servers.

    • Select the server name to view information about that Server, and use the toggle there.

    • Under organization settings, select Server and use the Assess toggle there.

  4. Enabling Assess requires an Assess (application) license. To license an application, select Applications in the header. Select Unlicensed next to the application name and you'll be prompted to apply a license.


    Under organization settings, with Organization selected in the left navigation, Organization Administrators can select the box next to Automatically apply licenses to new applications so this doesn't have to be done manually for every application.

  5. Restart the application server to ensure the Contrast agent instruments your application with Assess capabilities. Once that's complete, Contrast begins to receive vulnerability analytics. The application no longer has Unlicensed next to it, which means there is an Assess license assigned to it.


Although you can see the types of vulnerabilities that Contrast discovers without an Assess license, you won't be able to retrieve any details unless you have a license.