Allocate licenses for organizations and applications


For on-premises customers, licenses can be managed at a system level.

For an overview of license usage within the organization:

  1. Under organization settings for your organization, with Organizations selected in the left navigation, under Licensing you can see the number of:

    • Available and used Assess (application) licenses, as well as how many applications are unlicensed.

    • Available and used Protect (server) licenses as well as how many servers are unlicensed.

  2. If allowed at a system level, you can also choose to automatically apply licenses to new applications or servers. For Protect, you can also choose the environments for which this applies.

To view, apply and remove Assess (application) and Protect (server) licenses:

  1. Log in to Contrast as an Organization Administrator, and be sure your organization is selected in the user menu.

  2. Select Applications or Servers in the header.

  3. Applications or servers that are not licensed will show Unlicensed after their name. Select Unlicensed to apply a license.


    If your organization has consumed all allocated licenses, hosted customers will be asked to contact Support. On-premises customers can contact the SuperAdmin to make more licenses available at a system level. To return a license to the pool of available licenses for the organization, you must remove it from a server or application.

  4. To remove licenses from an individual server, click the caret in the grid row and choose Remove Protect License from the row action drop-down menu. To remove Protect licenses from multiple servers, select the checkboxes in the appropriate grid rows, click the badge icon in the batch action menu above the grid, and choose Remove Protect License from the menu. Click the Remove button in the confirmation window.

    All licenses that you remove immediately return to the pool of available licenses for the organization.