Start a scan

Start a scan when you want do the following tasks:

  • Begin analysis of a new project.

  • Verify code changes you made to fix vulnerabilities.

Before you begin
  • Identify the scan project that you want to use or create one.



If you are starting a scan immediately after you create a scan project, go to step 4.

  1. Select Scans in the header.

  2. Select a scan project.

  3. Select the Scans tab.

  4. To start a scan, under Current scan, upload a new or revised file

    Drag and drop the file or browse to find it.

    The scan starts automatically once you upload a file.


    If you upload a different file to an existing scan group, ensure that the file uses the same programming language as previous scans.

  5. Under Scan history, monitor the scan progress.