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Connect to Jira

To integrate Jira with Contrast:

Setup Contrast for Jira

  1. In Contrast, go to the user menu > Organization settings > Integrations.

  2. Select Connect for the Jira integration.

  3. In the Setup Contrast with Jira section, add a name for the Jira integration, the username and the API key (or password for Jira that is on-premises only). Add the URL for the Jira instance, and be sure that Contrast can access the URL.

    • Enter a name for the Jira integration.

    • Add the URL for the Jira instance.

    • Select Assess or Serverless.


    Contrast saves the username, API key or password, and the URL for Jira as a set of credentials for this integration.

  4. Select Test connection. The test may take a few moments, if you have many Jira projects. The test confirms that Contrast can reach the specific Jira instance and the user can log in.

  5. After testing the connection, configure Jira for Assess or Jira for Serverless.

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