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Configure Jira for Serverless

After testing your Jira connection, you can configure Jira to choose a subset of severities and result categories from which the integration should create a Jira ticket.

Before you begin


  1. After Contrast connects to Jira, select Accounts to configure the AWS accounts that from which results will have Jira tickets created.

  2. Choose a Jira Project in which Contrast should create tickets.

  3. Choose the type of Results for which Contrast should create tickets.

    • Permissions

    • Exploits

    • Dependencies (CVEs)

  4. Set the Default Issue Type and Default Assignee.


    Changing the Project or Default issue type also changes the related Jira fields and values available to you. Contrast will keep any selected values that also apply to the new project or issue type.

  5. If you want to prefill additional Jira fields, select Add Jira field. Use the dropdowns to select the fields you want to add and the default value for the field.

  6. Select Save and begin using your Jira integration. To remove the integration select Delete configuration.