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Remediation summary package Hosted customers only

The remediation summary package contains a set of charts, in PDF format, that help you determine how well your remediation process is working. The Remediation summary section on the Reports page has a download button that lets you download the report package.

Contrast updates the charts on a monthly basis. This date is displayed below the Download charts button.

The report package also includes a README file that provides guidance for interpreting the charts.

Before you begin

  • Diagnostic reporting must be enabled.

    The Reports page does not display the Remediation summary section if diagnostics are disabled.

  • The View applications action is required.


  1. From the user menu, select Reports.

  2. In the Remediation summary section, select Download charts.

    This image shows the Remediation summary section with the download button and the report generation date highlighted.
  3. Save the ZIP file in a convenient location.

  4. Extract the files and view the README file and the individual charts.