Organization statistics

Gain robust and comprehensive visibility into your organization data with Organization Statistics.

Go to the Reports page in the user menu to find widgets with information about licensing utilization and expirations, breakdowns across various data points for onboarded applications, and deployed servers and how they’re being utilized. Use the filters in the dropdown menus to choose which data to compare at a glance.

In the Licenses chart, view the number of overall licenses for Assess and Protect, as well as the number of unlicensed applications and servers that exist in your organization. Click the application count to navigate to the Unlicensed quick view in the Applications page.

In the next chart, get a glimpse of active applications. The inner ring designates the breakdown by language; choose the categories you want to compare in the outer ring by selecting Technology or Grade in the dropdown menu.

Finally, view your deployed servers. Select Container or Environment in the dropdown menu to choose how the numbers are analyzed.

To take a closer look at this information, select the View link under each heading.


The Licenses tab features an activity trend chart of data on license consumption over the past year. Hover over a data point on the Assess or Protect trend lines to see how many licenses were used each month. The thermometer chart below shows the total number of licenses purchased compared to the number being used. The timeline shows how many licenses are about to expire on given dates. For a different view of the data, the circular charts show breakdowns by fraction and percentage for Assess and Protect.


If your organization doesn't own any Protect or Assess licenses, Contrast alerts you to the count of unlicensed assets in that mode.

Protect usage:

Take a closer look at your Protect license usage by clicking beneath the Protect trend line in the chart. This switches you to the Protect Usage mode, which shows data for the current month in a trend chart as well as a quick view of Usage Statistics

Hover over data points in the trend chart to see the number of Protect servers used and the number of available licenses that remained for each day. The y-axis marker (dotted line) shows the number of licenses that you had purchased. Use the dropdown menu above the chart to view data from a previous month within the past year.

Click on the vertical bars in the chart to view your hourly usage of Protect licenses for each day. Peak hourly usage is represented by bright green shading at the top of the bars.

To return to your view of license activity data for Assess and Protect servers, click the link above the graph to go Back to License Activity.


In the Applications tab, the Status thermometer chart shows the total number of applications broken down by the number that are licensed, unlicensed and archived. Click on the total number of onboarded applications to go to the Applications page for more details on each one. Contrast also reminds you of how many licenses are available in your organization.

The circular Language Breakdown chart shows the number of applications by language in the inner band, and by Technology or Grade in the outer band. Click the number of active applications to go directly to the Applications page. High Risk and Expirations snapshots show the number of applications with critical open vulnerabilities and expiring licenses, respectively. The Protection Coverage snapshot shows the number of applications on Production servers that have incomplete Protection coverage. Click the link to see a breakdown of Protection coverage by application.

Applications that were added within the last week and applications that reside on an offline server are listed separately in the sidebar.


Switch to the Servers tab to view a thermometer chart that shows the breakdown of all deployed servers by environment. Click on the total number of servers to go to Servers page for more information on each one.

The circular Container Breakdown chart displays the number of deployed servers for each language in a given environment. Select a different environment in the dropdown menu to update the ring and total number of servers. Click on the server count to go to the Servers page with the relevant environment filter applied. Snapshots show servers being Assessed and Protected as well as all servers online compared to the total number of servers in the given environment. The right sidebar includes a list of newly onboarded, offline and deleted servers.