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Install the Agent Operator

Contrast provides a single-file installation YAML that can be directly applied to a cluster and provides reasonable defaults. Additional modifications may be desired based on your specific circumstances.

Custom registries

If you want to use Agent Operator in an air-gapped environment (or you cannot use DockerHub), use the icon-external-link.svg Contrast custom registry examples to guide you.


  1. Executing as a cluster administrator, apply the operator manifests using kubectl (Kubernetes) or oc (OpenShift).

    kubectl apply -f
    oc apply -f

    The manifests:

    • Create the contrast-agent-operator namespace.

    • Install the operator Deployment workload.

    • Install the required Custom Resource Definitions.

    • Configure RBAC with the minimum necessary permissions.

    • Register the operator for admission webhooks.


    It is possible to install into a namespace other than the default contrast-agent-operator, although modifications to the deployment manifests will be required.

  2. After applying the operator manifests, wait for the cluster to converge.

    kubectl -n contrast-agent-operator wait pod --for=condition=ready, --timeout=30s
    oc -n contrast-agent-operator wait pod --for=condition=ready, --timeout=30s
  3. When the wait command succeeds the operator is ready to be configured.

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