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View scan projects

The Scan project list shows these details for each scan project in your organization:

  • Score: A letter grade that represents the potential security risk for an application based on the most recent scan in the project.

    Scan uses the Contrast application scoring.

  • Scan project: The name of the scan project.

  • Vulnerable languages: The languages in a project where Contrast detected vulnerabilities. The project can include multiple languages or just a single language.

  • Open vulnerabilities: The number of open vulnerabilities that Contrast detected.

  • Last scan: The amount of time since the last scan completed.

Before you begin

If role-based access control is turned on for your organization, verify that users have the correct actions, user access groups, and resource groups assigned to them.


  1. Select Scans in the header.

    Contrast displays a list of scan projects.

  2. To filter the view, select the small triangle (icon-dropdown-expand.svg) at the top of the list and select a filter:

    • All: Shows all scan projects except for archived ones.

    • Archived: Shows only archived scan projects.

  3. To find a specific scan project, select the magnifying glass icon (icon-search.svg) and enter a partial or full name of the project in the search box.

  4. To sort the view, select the sort box and select an option:

    • Name: Sort the view by the project name.

    • Last scan: Sort the view based on when the the last scan completed.

    Use the green arrow to sort by ascending or descending order.

    This image shows the sort options
  5. To view details for a specific project, select the project name in the Scan project column.

  6. To view only the projects that include a specific vulnerable language, select the Filter icon (icon-filter.svg) next to the Vulnerable languages column.

  7. To view the number of vulnerabilities with a specific severity, hover over a section in the Vulnerabilities bar. To view vulnerabilities of a specific severity, select a section in the bar.