View scan project details

The Overview tab for a scan project displays a dashboard of recent scan results:


To view the the dashboard:

  1. In the header, select Scans.

  2. In the scan project list, select a specific scan project.

  3. In the Overview tab, view the dashboard: details:

    • Grade: A letter grade that represents the potential security risk for application based on the most recent scan in the project.

      Scan uses the Contrast library scoring..

    • Vulnerabilities: The number of vulnerabilities discovered in the most recent scan.

      To see details about discovered vulnerabilities, click the number.

    • New Vulnerabilities: The number of new vulnerabilities discovered in the most recent scan. This value excludes vulnerabilities that previous scans discovered and are not fixed.

      For example:

      If Scan 1 discovered three vulnerabilities:

      • The number of vulnerabilities is three.

      • The number of new vulnerabilities is also three.

      If code modifications introduce a new vulnerability but do not fix existing vulnerabilities, when you run Scan 2:

      • The vulnerabilities number changes to four (all discovered vulnerabilities).

      • The new vulnerabilities number becomes one (the new one discovered in Scan 2).

      To see details about new vulnerabilities, click the number.

    • Remediated: The number of vulnerabilities that are fixed by changing source code or configuration files within the application.

      To see details about remediated vulnerabilities, click the number.

    • Scans completed: The number of scans completed in the project.

      To see details about completed scans, click the number.

    • Days since last scan: The number of days since the last scan completed.

  4. To view the number of vulnerabilities with a specific severity, hover over a color bar in the thermometer. To view vulnerabilities of a specific severity, click a color bar.