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Configure reporting storage for the system

As SuperAdmin, you can configure reporting storage options by adding the following properties to the contrast/data/conf/ file:

  • The value options are DB and FILE_SYS.

  • This is required when storage mode is set to FILE_SYS.

The recommended setting for is FILE_SYS. When DB is configured, files are stored in the database, adding unnecessary contention on the database.

With the FILE_SYS option, you must set up a file-sharing service where all Contrast nodes are able to access the file path. Provide this path as the value for


The path should be an absolute path, such as /Users/user1/reporting.

For Windows, be sure to escape the colon or the path will not work. For example, this path will fail:\Contrast\data\reports

You must use either forward slashes or two backslashes around the colon for it to work, like this:\:\\Contrast\\datareports

With the default configuration, 1,250 vulnerabilities can be exported from an attestation report. In some cases, a user may want to run a larger report containing more than 1,250 vulnerabilities. Depending on the size of the instance, Contrast may run into heap space issues.

To decrease or increase the limit, set the reporting.generation.limit property in the file, and then restart Contrast.