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Set a custom reason that vulnerabilities are Not a problem

Security teams may determine that a specific vulnerability does not need to be remediated with a code change and set the vulnerability status to Not a problem. This helps teams focus on fixing vulnerabilities and prevents Contrast from reporting these vulnerabilities again.

When you use Not a problem as a vulnerability status, you must select a reason. Contrast provides standard reasons as well as an Other option.

You can change the label Other to a value that is meaningful to your organization. To do this:

  1. Go to Policy management settings for your organization.

  2. Select Vulnerability management.

  3. Select Set a custom label for Other.

  4. Enter the reason you prefer. This is limited to 25 characters.

  5. Save your change.


Now, when marking vulnerabilities as Not a problem, the values listed will include the custom reason instead of Other.


When you change Other to a custom label or change it back to Other, all the vulnerabilities with that label will change to the new label for your organization.