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Set application defaults at an organization level

Use this procedure to choose default settings for applications at an organization level.

Before you begin

  • An Organization Admin role is required.


  1. Under Organization settings, select Applications.

  2. Use the dropdown to choose an Importance level for applications. Your options are Critical, High, Medium, Low, Unimportant. The default selection is Medium.

  3. Under Policy, select the remediation and compliance policies you would like to automatically apply to applications.

    You can still add applications to policies that aren't included in your default settings at a later time.

  4. Under Application onboarding, select either or both of these settings:

    • Do not onboard applications that are missing application metadata

    • Do not onboard applications that are missing session metadata

    Depending on the settings you select, Contrast fails to add applications that are missing required metadata. These settings help you to enforce the metadata configuration in the agent's configuration file.

  5. Under Session metadata, to set the default session metadata filtering to the most recent session, select Filter application details by most recent session.

    This selected filter affects the application's Vulnerabilities and Route coverage tabs.

  6. Under Behavior, select Automatically apply licenses to new applications if you want licenses to be applied automatically.

    A status bar shows you how many licenses have been used out of the total number available. Select the license link to understand the breakdown of your organization's licenses.

  7. Use the Application metadata section to configure application metadata that should be provided for each of the applications in your organization.

  8. Select Save.