Merge and unmerge applications

Merging two or more applications creates a single application called a master application and is a common operation performed by Organization Administrators responsible for bringing applications online. The main purpose of merging is to present a single application view for the purposes of scoring, discovered vulnerabilities, and remediation. Applications can be made up of components, which may show up individually in the application list. Merging also allows you to logically organize all of an application's components into one entity in Contrast.

To merge applications:

  1. Select Applications in the header, and use the check marks to select the applications to merge.

  2. Select the Merge icon from the menu at the bottom of the grid.

  3. In the window that appears, use the drop-down menu to choose one of the merged applications to represent the master application.

  4. Once your applications are merged, you'll see a crown icon beside the name of the master application. To see the application components contained in the master, click the icon.

  5. To unmerge either all or specific application modules from the master application, click on the crown icon in the application's grid row or Overview page. In the window that appears, select any number of the modules, and click the button to Unmerge selected applications.