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Manage sensitive data types

Sensitive data masking limits risk to your organization and helps meet compliance requirements.

  1. Under policy management, select Sensitive data.

  2. Here you can see an alphabetical list of sensitive data types. Use the search field to find a particular type by name or keyword.

  3. Check the box next to Mask entire body to enable redaction of the entire HTTP request body. This will apply to all applications in your organization.

  4. Critical data types and keywords determined by Contrast apply to all applications in your organization by default, and can't be edited or disabled. For data types that Contrast has not determined to be critical, you may use the toggle in the grid to enable or disable them for the organization.

  5. Click on the name of the data type in the grid to add custom keywords. In the Edit sensitive data type form, select Add custom keywords to add more keywords and specify the applications to which they apply. Default keywords aren't editable, and apply to all applications.

  6. Select Save.