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Manage multiple organizations

On-premises users deploying in a multi-tenant environment can set up Contrast to support multiple organizations within the same system. During the installation process, a default organization is created. After that, users with SuperAdmin credentials can create additional organizations. To do this:

  1. Log in to Contrast as SuperAdmin.

  2. In the user menu select SuperAdmin to view system administration options.

  3. Select Organizations in the header.

  4. Select Add organization.

  5. Supply valid information for the new organization and designate an Organization Administrator by entering credentials of the user who will fill this role.

  6. When a user is granted access to the new organization (either in the above step, or by becoming a member of an organization access group) they can move between organizations by selecting the organization name in the user menu.


If you are an Organization Administrator and you want to change settings for a particular organization, you must first switch to that organization in the user menu, before selecting Organization settings. The active organization will show a green check next to its name in the user menu.