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Java installation and configuration in a container

Use this workflow to ensure you have all the steps covered for installing and configuring the Java agent in a container.

Before you begin

Make sure you have everything you need before you start.

  • The agent will need to be able to reach your Contrast instance. It can be a local/on-premise instance or a hosted instance. A proxy can be configured if the environment has limited network access.

  • Your web application is packaged in a JAR file

  • It must use supported versions, frameworks, and tools or supported technologies for the agent operator

  • Understand the order of precedence

  • You will also need access to a command line interface (with a chosen directory for downloading the agent) and your organization's instance of Contrast


  1. Set up variables. Configure agent authentication configuration variables.

    • Set the minimum configuration values defined here

    • Configure additional values (application metadata, session metadata)

  2. Continue by container type. Install and configure based on the container type.

  3. Verify. To verify that Contrast is working, use your application as you usually would. For example, click on your application's web interface, or send some API commands.

    Then in the Contrast web interface, select Applications in the header. You should see the name of your application.

    You can also select Server in the header and you should see the hostname of your (local) server.