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icon-developers.png Instrument applications for Protect

Turning on Protect lets you use Contrast agents to identify, monitor, or block attacks for your applications in production environments.

Before you begin

  • Check with a SuperAdmin to verify that Protect is turned on for your organization.

  • Check with an Organization administrator to verify that you have permissions to view Protect data.


  1. Install and configure a Contrast agent for the language that corresponds to the language your application uses.

    You can download agents from a package manager or repository. You can install agents directly or use integrations that work with Contrast.

    In the agent YAML file:

    1. Turn on Protect.

    2. Configure the modes for the Protect rules (monitor, block, or off)

  2. Run the application to verify that Contrast is working. For example, click on your application's web interface or send some API or CLI commands.

Next step

View attack data in the Contrast web interface.