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Get started on-premises

As an on-premises customer, you can set up your own instance of Contrast without a connection to the internet. You only need to set this up once per organization.


If you are able to use Contrast as a hosted solution, you don't have to complete the additional installation and maintenance of the Contrast application on-premises.

Contrast hosted is SOC-2 Type II compliant and continuously receives feature updates. To connect to Contrast hosted, use the credentials provided by your administrator to log in and continue to install an agent.

For on-premises customers, to use Assess, Protect or both, you must complete at least two installations:

The Contrast installation contains all embedded components that make up the system configuration, including a Tomcat servlet container, MySQL database instance, and an AdoptOpenJDK Hotspot Java Virtual Machine. All of these components are embedded within the installation binary and deployed to a single server as part of the Contrast architecture.

Before installing the Contrast application, verify that your environment complies with the:

After installation, you can further configure:

For the long term, make sure you have a plan to: