Find and manage vulnerabilities

 Contrast users can manage vulnerabilities based on their organization or application role. Certain functions are available from the Vulnerabilities page, a vulnerability's Overview tab, or an application or server's Vulnerabilities tab, as noted.

Sort and filter vulnerabilities

There are a few different ways to narrow findings and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter to you.

  • To see all vulnerabilities in a certain category - such as vulnerabilities that are open or pending review - use the dropdown menu by the vulnerability count above the grid to choose the appropriate quick view. The grid defaults to All.

  • To find specific vulnerabilities, click on the search tool above the grid, and type the name or tag of the vulnerability you want to locate.

  • To sort vulnerabilities in the grid, use the dropdown menu to the upper-right side of the grid to choose a category by which to sort in ascending or descending order.

  • To filter vulnerabilities in your current view of the grid, select the filter (funnel) icon for the Severity, Applications, Last Detected or Status columns. In the dropdown menu, select the filter(s) that you want to apply. To remove the selected filters, select the Clear link beside the filter icon.

Merge vulnerabilities

Merge vulnerabilities of the same type from the same application to consolidate findings. From any Vulnerabilities grid, use the check marks to select two or more vulnerabilities you'd like to merge, and click the merge icon in the action bar. In the confirmation dialog that appears, select the vulnerability that you want to represent the merge.

Delete vulnerabilities

To delete one or more vulnerabilities, use the check marks to select the appropriate grid rows, and select the delete (trashcan) icon in the bottom action bar. To delete a single vulnerability, hover over the grid row and select the delete icon in the row dropdown menu; you can also find the icon in the vulnerability's Overview tab. In the dialog that appears, select the Delete button to confirm your choice.

Once confirmed, the vulnerability is removed and no longer appears in your list unless Contrast discovers it again.