Edit application information

You may need to access or edit specific information about your applications, specifically:

  • Application names: Each application in an organization must have a unique name.To change the name, select Applications in the header, then click on the application's name in the grid to go to its Overview page. Click on the name at the top of the page to update the text.

    Alternatively, select the Settings icon in the top right of the Overview page and update the name in the Application defaults window. 

    SuperAdmins can also edit application names by selecting SuperAdmin in the user menu, then Applications in the header, then clicking on the name in the grid.

  • Application ID: The application ID is the last URI segment in the URL of your browser. To locate an application's ID, select an application from the grid. The segment after applications/ is the application ID.

  • Application importance: This value appears in the application's metadata and may also be used in your organization's integrations settings. To set an application's importance level select an application name to view its Overview page and select the Settings icon. In the Application defaults window, use the Importance field to select a level from the drop-down menu.