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Add the Contrast service broker tile for VMware Tanzu

To integrate Contrast with VMware Tanzu Network (formerly Pivotal Cloud Foundry), install the Contrast service broker tile.


  1. Download the Contrast service broker tile from VMware Tanzu Network.

  2. Store the file locally and navigate to your Pivotal Ops Manager instance.

  3. Select Import a Product and then, select the contrast-security-service-broker-#.#.#.pivotal tile that you downloaded.

    If the file you downloaded has a ZIP extension, rename it to contrast-security-service-broker-#.#.#.pivotal.

  4. The tile requires some configuration before you can deploy it. The service broker does not include service plans by default. Add at least one plan before you deploy the Contrast service broker tile.

    To add a service plan, select Service Plans in the Contrast service broker tile and select Add.

  5. Set these configuration parameters in the service plan:

    • TeamServer:  The URL for your Contrast application instance

    • TeamServer Service Key: Organization service key

    • TeamServer API Key: Organization API key

    • Organization UUID: Organization ID to which the application will belong

    • Username: Your Contrast username

    • Plan Name: Name of the plan as it will appear in Apps Manager

    • Proxy Host: The hostname of a proxy for the service broker to communicate with Contrast

    • Proxy Port: The proxy port

    • Proxy Username: The proxy username, if it requires authentication

    • Proxy Password: The proxy password, if it required authentication


    In addition to the proxy settings for the tile, you also need to set up the agent communication with the proxy.

  6. Select Save.

    If you want some applications to belong to different organizations, define the other plans you will need.

  7. In the dashboard, select Apply Changes .

    This process can take some time to finish.

  8. After you successfully deploy the service broker, you can bind the credentials to an application. Go to the Marketplace to find the Contrast service broker option.

  9. In the Pivotal Ops Manager, select the Contrast service broker option to see the available plans that you created .

  10. To choose the plan you want to bind to an application, use Select this Plan.

  11. Specify an instance name for the plan.

    This selection doesn't affect the service broker. You can use any name you want for the instance.

  12. In the Bind to App drop-down, select the application to bind to this service. Then, restage the application.

    This action retrieves the latest agent from Contrast to instrument your application.

  13. Optional: If you want to override agent properties, such as the application name, set environment variables in PCF using a command similar to the following example:

    cf set-env APP-NAME JAVA_OPTS ""

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