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Wildcard expressions

When specifying Input, URL, or Queue/topic exclusions for applications, you can build wildcard expressions using:

  • .* to mean 0 or more of any character

  • .+ to mean 1 or more of any character

  • .? to mean 0 or 1 of any character

  • . to mean 1 of any character

  • \. for an escaped literal of . for usage

    Example: somefile\.jsp

Wildcard expression examples

Desired effect

Regular expression


Exclude all subpaths


Excludes all paths with the initial URL of /myapp/

Exclude one character from subpath


Excludes all subpaths that are 5 characters and end in yapp (like myapp)

Exclude one subpath explicitly


Excludes only /myapp/thispath

Exclude path ending


Excludes all paths ending in ignore

Exclude paths containing


Excludes all paths containing value

Exclude path containing


Excludes all paths either starting with value or paths that have one character before value

Exclude paths where a period (dot) is used as a literal character and not a wildcard.


Excludes only myapp.js

You can use up to three instances of this expression.