Set up two-step verification

If your Administrator has enabled two-step verification, you can add an extra layer of protection beyond your username and password. Complete the following steps to enable the feature.

  1. Go to User menu > Your account > Two-step verification.

  2. Use the toggle to enable two-step verification.

  3. Use the radio buttons to select your preferred notification method. You can access verification codes through your Contrast-associated email address or the Google Authenticator mobile application, which is available on the following devices:

    • Android

    • iPhone

    • Blackberry

  4. If you run into issues using either method, use the backup codes provided.

Verification codes

If you choose to receive your verification codes by email, Contrast sends you a verification code to enter on the configuration screen.

If you select Google Authenticator, Contrast provides a QR code with further instructions. You can scan the QR code, enter the code manually or use the provided dropdown to select the device type. Use the Google Authenticator application to obtain a verification code and validate your device.

Before completing two-step verification setup, you can download a set of backup codes in the form of a .txt file, which allows you to login if you encounter an error or get locked out of your account. You must download and save these codes in a secure location.

Reconfigure notification methods

If you want to change the way you receive verification codes, you can reconfigure notification settings in the Two-Step Verification tab. Once you change your selection, Contrast automatically issues a new set of backup codes. It is not necessary to save your changes.

To learn more about Administrator settings, see Two-step verification. For some helpful tips on verification codes, go to the troubleshooting article.