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icon-developers.png Use CLI to find vulnerabilities

The Assess CLI lets you use Contrast Assess to display vulnerabilities in real time.

The following Contrast agents support the Assess CLI:

  • Java

  • Node.js

  • .NET

  • Python

  • Ruby

  • Go

Before you begin

  • Learn about the Contrast CLI.

  • Install the CLI.

  • Verify you can use the Assess CLI with your application by checking the supported technologies for your agent.


  1. Install or update an agent.

  2. In a terminal window, enter the following command:

    conrast assess

    This command creates the agent configuration file that both the Assess CLI and the agent share. The default locations for the file are:

    • MacOS and Linux: /etc/contrast/contrast_security.yaml

    • Windows %ProgramData%\Contrast\contrast_security.yaml

    To specify a different file location, use the config-path option. CLI commands describes all the valid options for the assess command.

  3. Run your application in your IDE or a second terminal window.

  4. Exercise your application.

  5. View the results in the terminal window where you entered the Assess CLI command.

Next steps

Get results with the CLI.

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