Update library data

From the 3.6.4 release forward, library data is automatically updated as long as Contrast Hub is enabled under general system settings and access is allowed to https://ardy.contrastsecurity.com/production through the firewall.

For air-gapped installations, you can download a cache export of library data from Contrast Hub (from version 3.7.4 forward).

  1. Download the archive version you want from Downloads > Teamserver > Library data exports.

    Image shows Contrast Hub, with Downloads selected in the header, and Library Data Exports expanded.
  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and place the CSV files in the data/libraries directory. Some files may be hidden due to their names, so ensure all extracted files are moved to this directory.

  3. Restart Contrast. When Contrast restarts, the data is imported in the background. The CSV files are deleted from the folder as each is imported.

  4. Check the data/logs/contrast.log file for success messages as each script completes. For example, you may see a message like this:

    Beginning CSV import from 'C:\Program Files\Contrast\data\libraries\java.csv' into 'artifacts_java'Import temporary table 'artifacts_java' completed, time: 36.6886968s