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Manage email notifications at a system level

System Administrators can enable or disable and configure Contrast to communicate with an appropriate SMTP system to receive these notifications.

Notifications allow Contrast users to receive alerts in specific situations, such as the discovery of a vulnerability or an attack on an application or when a password is reset.

Organization Administrators can set default settings for Contrast notifications at an organization level. Individual users can adjust their own settings.

To configure notifications at a system level:

  1. Under system settings, select Mail in the left navigation.

  2. Configure these settings:

    • Enable mail: Use the toggle to enable or disable the feature.

    • Mail protocol: Values can be "SMTP" or "SMTPs".

    • Mail host: The fully qualified address of the SMTP server.

    • Mail port: The likely value is "25".

    • Use SMTP auth: Check the box to enable this setting.

    • Mail user: A user account for authentication purposes on the SMTP system.

    • Mail password: The password for the mail user associated with the SMTP system.

    • Mail from: Enter the email address you want system notifications to be sent from.

    • Enable STARTTLSL: Check the box to enable this setting.

  3. Select Save.