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System requirements for the Ruby agent

Before installing the Ruby agent, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • There is a deployed application to be analyzed, and the web application technology is supported by Contrast.

  • The application can be restarted.

  • The web server has network connectivity with Contrast.

  • The web server has network connectivity with RubyGems or the agent manually installed.

  • The server meets the minimum requirements shown in this table.




    Operating system

    • 64-bit Linux (recommended)

    • 64-bit OSX

    • 64-bit Alpine

    Starting with agent version 3.0.0, the gem installation step requires the compilation of C extensions. This process is automatic, but you may need to install the following in the target environment:

    • gcc, make, automake and autoconf (Package names may vary. You may install your platform's version of build-essential.)

    • system headers

    The agent runs in the Ruby application layer with some C dependencies so it may need to be installed with the --platform ruby flag to allow for compilation in either g libc or musl libc based systems.

    Ruby gems

    • ougai: ~>1.8 (1.8 and later, earlier than 2)

    • parser: ~>2.6 (2.6 and later, earlier than 3)

    • protobuf: ~>3.10 (3.10 and later, earlier than 4

    • rack: ~>2.0 (2.0 and later, earlier than 3)