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Supported technologies for the Ruby agent

We support the following technologies for this agent.


Supported versions


Language version

  • 3.2.X: First supported agent was 6.13.0

  • 3.1.X: First supported agent was 6.0.0

  • 3.0.X: First supported agent was 4.6.0

See the Ruby Maintenance Branches schedule for specific release dates.

Contrast supports Ruby Long-Term Support (LTS) versions in normal maintenance and security maintenance status. Contrast shifts its support for Ruby versions as the working group shifts its LTS windows.

Not supported:

  • 2.5.X: Last supported agent was 4.14.1

  • 2.4.X: Last supported agent was 3.9.1

  • 2.6.X: Last supported agent was 5.3.0

  • 2.7.X: Last supported agent was 6.15.3

Application frameworks

While the agent can still run on Rack-based web frameworks that aren't officially supported, Contrast may produce less-specific findings than it does for supported frameworks. Instead of reporting that a vulnerability occurs in your application code, Contrast may report it within the framework code where it interfaces directly with the Rack methods.

Not supported:

  • Rails 3.X: Last supported agent was 3.11.0

  • Rails 4.X: Last supported agent was 3.11.0

  • Rails 5.X: Last supported agent was 6.15.3


Contrast doesn't support old or deprecated versions of third-party modules.

Testing environments

We test on a matrix of our supported Operating Systems, Application Frameworks, and Web Servers and also run the Ruby Mspec Suite.

When changes are made, Contrast runs a battery of automated tests to ensure that it detects findings in supported technologies across all supported versions of Ruby. In addition to its own testing, Contrast also runs the Ruby Spec Suite against an environment with the agent enabled.

Web servers