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System requirements for the Python agent


The Python agent does not currently support running on Macs with the M1 chip.

Before installing the Python agent, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • There is a deployed application to be analyzed, and the web application technology is supported by Contrast.

  • The application can be restarted.

  • The web server has network connectivity with Contrast.

  • The web server has network connectivity with PyPI or the agent manually installed.

  • The server meets the minimum requirements shown in this table.




    Operating system

    • 64-bit OSX 

    • 64-bit Linux

    Starting with version 2.3.0 of the agent, the package installation step requires the compilation of C extensions. This process is automatic, but it requires that certain software is installed in the target environment:

    • Required: gccmakeautomake and autoconf. The package names may be different on different platforms. Installing your platform's version of build-essential or installing system headers may be necessary. If running an agent on Alpine OS, libtool is required.

    Python packages

    • protobuf: 3.12 and later

    • psutil: 5.7 and later

    • pip: 6 and later