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Supported technologies for the Python agent

We support the following technologies for this agent.


Supported versions


Language version

  • 3.12.X: First supported agent was 5.27.0

  • 3.11.X: First supported agent was 5.19.0

  • 3.10.X: First supported agent was 5.2.0

  • 3.9.X: First supported agent was 4.2.0

  • 3.8.X: First supported agent was 2.8.0

Contrast supports Python Long-Term Support (LTS) versions in bugfix and security status. Support for Python versions is shifted as the working group shifts its LTS window.

Not supported:

  • 3.6.X, 3.5X, and 2.7.X: Last supported agent was 4.14.3

  • 3.7.X: Last supported agent was 5.27.0

Application frameworks

The Python agent is meant to be WSGI-compatible. It may be compatible with other WSGI applications as long as the guidelines are followed.

The Agent is also compatible with frameworks that provide ASGI interfaces including Django, FastAPI, and Quart.

FastAPI and Starlette (on which FastAPI depends) are relatively new libraries that are undergoing continuous development changes, which may break Contrast support. FastAPI states that development moves quickly. Contrast will maintain support up to the stated version and update documentation when new support is released.

Micro/patch versions are omitted for simplicity, but we encourage and only explicitly test the latest patch within each minor version series. For example, 3.2 refers to the latest 3.2.x version of the package available on PyPI.

Processor architecture

The agent is tested on:

  • x86_64

  • arm64

It may work on other architectures but it is not officially supported.

Web servers


Object-relational mapping databases (ORM)